Scents have always made me feel warm and cozy and create a mood of relaxation. The best part about the Scentsy product is that there is no fear of a fire from a burning candle you left burning in another room or forgot to blow out before you went to bed or left unattended.. One Christmas I actually caught my dining room sideboard on fire because of all of the candles burning. The safety and quality of the product is what continues to bring back customers. Every month there is another wonderful Scentsy warmer and scent, and with so many options for warmers and scents there is something for everyone. I am especially proud of the products such as the Love, Life, Hope Scentsy warmer. Scentsy makes a donation from the sale of each Love, Life, Hope warmer to the National Breast Cancer Foundations for each sale.

Everyone of my friends and family have to have the scent circles for all of their cars. Anytime a new passenger gets in one of those cars, that passenger wants a scent circle of there own. The Scentsy scent circles are also great to put in your suitcase. I like to pack the Satin Sheets scent circle in my luggage so when you get to your destination and open up your suitcase your clothes all smell wonderful.

Scentsy Room sprays and plug-ins are perfect for the powder room and are also perfect to take on trips for your hotel room. It is the perfect to bring the feel of home with you.

One of the best ways to get the most for your value is to purchase one of our multi-packs. For example a six pack of scentsy bars saves you $5.00 when you buy in the multi-pack.

Another Scentsy multi pack recommendation is the perfect scentsy multi pack because you get two full size warmers and six scentsy bars. This is a savings of $15.00.

I was so delighted with introduction of the Scentsy Buddies. My very favorite is Mollie the Monkey used with the Camu Camu scent pack. Scentsy even has their own Scentsy website for kids to log into and register their Scentsy buddy and there are interactive games and coloring pages you can print out.

The Scentsy Holiday warmers are fabulous this year. My particular favorite is Silent Night Scentsy Warmer. I have it turned on next to my Nativity Scene in my living room.

My favorite parties are the Scentsy basket parties. Pack up all of your Scentsy mini testers for your hostess, along with order forms, and Scentsy catalogs for your hostess to take to her friends and co-workers. Everywhere she goes everyone can experience all of the Scentsy scents. There is free shipping on party orders of $150 or more.

The hostess awards are great. The free product ranges for 10 to 15% plus the ½ price items vary for 1 to 4 items!